Thursday, June 21, 2018

Boho, Hippie, Gypsy, Jewelry from Resurrection Rags Shop

"She Had Rings On Her Fingers And Bells On Her Toes"
Vintage tribal jewelry from my shop on Etsy

Pearl Chain Slave Bracelet with Ring Attached, Cultured Freshwater Rice Pearls with Gold Tone Chain

Vintage dainty slave bracelet made with cultured freshwater rice pearls and gold tone metal chain and ring. Pretty wedding accessory or belly dance costume addition.

Bracelet is 8 inches around and ring is adjustable with an open back.

Speaking of Bells and Toes!!
Announce your presence with the tinkling of little bells!

Tribal Bells Barefoot Sandal, Metal Chainmail Anklet with Toe Ring


Vintage tribal bells ankle bracelet, gypsy, boho, belly dance jewelry, accessory, with stamped metal floral design connectors and sturdy metal hook closure.

Tribal Bells Anklet, Vintage Belly Dance Ankle Bracelet

Vintage tribal bells ankle bracelet, gypsy, boho, belly dance jewelry, accessory, with stamped metal floral design connectors and sturdy metal hook closure.

Anklet measures approximately 11 inches around and bells go all the way from end to end.

Vintage Hinged Cuff Bracelet, Afghan Tribal Bells, Belly Dance, Festival, Boho Jewelry

Vintage Afghan hinged cuff, tribal bells bracelet. Perfect belly dance accessory, or for casual boho, festival wear. The cuff closes with a sliding pin which is secure and sturdy, no missing bells and the hinge is in perfect working condition. 

Bracelet is 7.5 inches around and 1 in high

Ornate Vintage Brass Bracelet, Hinged Cuff Floral Repouse Victorian Revival Style


Vintage bracelet, ornate brass, hinged cuff with detailed floral repouse. Art Nouveau or Victorian revival design with box clasp, slide in closure and delicate safety chain. Patina has been preserved and makes the piece look authentically historical. This lovely piece is in excellent vintage condition.

Tribal Bells Pendant, Vintage Belly Dance Accessory Embellishment

Vintage tribal pendant with bells can be used on a necklace or head dress. 
Measures 2 inches by 2 inches

Vintage Statement Collar Bib Necklace Lapis Lazuli Carved Stone, Tribal Necklace


Vintage, Boho lapis, carved gemstone, bib collar, tribal necklace. 
I am not sure of the age of this necklace nor the origin. It is quite primitive and tribal, possibly made by hand. The stone is smoothly cut and accessory beads are all carved stone as well, and it closes with a screw clasp.

Wake up and smell the frangipani!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Vintage Mid Century Jewelry From Resurrection Rags Shop

All the vintage pretties, mid century collectibles, "Mad Men" style  in my shop  on Etsy  

Vintage Jewelry From Resurrection Rags Shop

Vintage Leopard Figural Brooch With Inlaid Crystal Eyes

Vintage Fragonard Brooch. Romantic Figural
Courtship scene on porcelain

                         Vintage Avon Cameo Locket, Perfume Brooch

Victorian Design


                 Vintage Cameo Brooch, Fine Carved Resin Reproduction Edwardian Lady


Collectible Vintage Japan Beaded Necklace 1950's Double Strand Amber and Yellow

Vintage Simulated Pearl and Rhinestone Necklace, Art Deco Style Choker

Vintage Chunky Necklace, Jet Black Faceted Glass Crystals, Bohemian 1950s

Vintage Black Simulated Jet Glass Necklace, Czech, Austrian, Bohemian Cut Black Crystal Necklace 

Vintage Marvella, Simulated Pearl Necklace, Hand Knotted Single Strand 1950s

Vintage Black and White Necklace, Simulated Pearls and Black Glass Beads

Vintage Simulated Pearls and Czech Crystals Necklace Choker


Vintage Marvella Simulated Pearl Necklace, Long Strand Hand Knotted Opera Length

Vintage Faux Pearls and Rhinestones Gold Tone Chain Link Necklace


BSK Vintage Designer Dress Clip, Brushed Gold Tone Half Bow with Rhinestones Collectible Costume Jewelry $15.00

Vintage Chunky Necklace, Jet Black Faceted Glass Crystals, Bohemian 1950s

Vintage Tennis Necklace, Simulated Diamond Gold Tone Choker

There's more

There's always more ....

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Boho Gypsy Tassels 

Handmade Ornaments, Home Decor

"If you took all the thread I've used,
to make all the things I have made, 
and laid them end to end....
you'd get really tangled up!!"

I recently decided to take my small fabric scraps leftover from making larger items and make decorative tassels for home decor to use as door charms, drawer pulls, lamp switch pulls, window jewelry, curtain tassels or any where you want a little bit of gypsy swag.
I've added lots of vintage elements including faux pearls and beads, laces and Czech crystals. Many of the fabrics are silks and satins which have been manipulated to create curls and waves. The tassel shown below is made with silks, lace, and cottons in beige, white, and a touch of moss green raw silk and swirls of metallic gold cording. It's topped with vintage metallic gold trim sewn in place and embellished with small faux pearls. The gold trim and moss green raw silk was salvaged from a vintage theater costume Renaissance dress (which was damaged).  
Available in my etsy shop at the link below.

Boho Gypsy Tassel Handmade Ornament Home Decor Lace and Pearls  

The image below is of my dusty pink, beaded fiber art tassel, made with vintage silk fabric scraps. The beading includes vintage faux pearls, amber fire polish vintage crystals, aurora borealis crystals, and various smaller beads. The topper is a combination of vintage glass faux pearls which have been stripped of their polish because they were damaged, and newer faux pearls which are still polished. The stripped pearls are made of a lovely, slightly translucent milk glass. The beading is strung on brown waxed linen thread. 
Available in my etsy shop at the link below.

Next is a favorite color combination of Fae People, Nature Lovers, and Gypsies... vintage silk fabric scraps in purple and green color palette, with iridescent green seed beads, vintage faux pearls, crystals, and buttons.
Available in my etsy shop at the link below.


And there are more in my shop...

My shop on etsy is full of vintage jewelry, upcycled handmade jewelry, and upcycled fabric accessories, including handmade embellished purses and handbags, handmade hair accessories, and handmade fabric flowers. You can visit any time ...

Friday, July 29, 2016

Cotton and Lace Camisole, Altered Couture From Vintage Laces and Fabrics

Cotton, Crochet and Lace Camisole, Altered Couture, Tank Top, Boho, Gypsy, Prairie-Girl,  Made From Vintage Laces and Fabrics 

Cotton and lace camisole, prairie, boho style top, altered couture from vintage laces and fabrics. Vintage style loose fitting top is perfect for layering over tanks or bralettes, or could be used as a swimsuit cover.The front panel of this vintage inspired top is embellished with a vintage embroidered table linen, with Battenburg tape lace edging, and a handmade fabric flower. The back has a crocheted middle panel which adds a little bit of stretch and interest.

This top was made from a previous mistake in measurement for a small skirt and since I hate to let anything go to waste I found a way to salvage the mishap. The back panel crocheted piece is a vintage "chair arm cover" doily which was handmade. The lace trim along the edges and straps is from the Edwardian era as is the front embellishment of embroidered cotton with battenburg tape lace trim.

Thank you so much for reading, leave a comment if you have a few minutes to spare ...much love,
You can find more of my work at  ResurrectionRagsShop on Etsy

Monday, July 4, 2016

Altered Couture Lace Bolero Vest Reconstructed Vintage, Bridal Shrug

Altered Couture, Lace Bolero Vest, Reconstructed Vintage Wedding Shrug

Lace Bolero vest, altered couture from vintage laces and fabric by ResurrectionRags

I like to tell the stories of the clothes that I create, especially when I use handmade vintage linens and laces. I started this piece years ago and got stumped and buried it among the rest of my unfinished projects hoping someday to have that Eureka! moment that would bring it to life.

 It started out to be a little cropped top made from crepe rayon left over from a reconstruct of an 80's grunge dress, remember the 
big floral Maxi length dresses with the empire waist and tiered skirts?  This was the bodice, what was left of it, after using the copious ruffles in several other projects.  The front panel is a vintage hanky made of fine Irish linen with very intricate hand embroidery using a technique called Dresden Work, drawn thread embroidery.  

For me it was a little too plain and seemed too delicate to wear. I stashed it away and mostly forgot it.

Fast forward to when I recently moved back to Miami Florida, my home town and had to organize my stash of vintage fabrics into a much smaller place and sorted all of my unfinished projects and decided I needed to finish them. Unfinished business is not good for the soul and it's really not good for creativity. 

I auditioned a few possibilities before the aha pieces fit together for me.  part of a Battenburg lace collar (above) on the right side and a very delicate handmade tatted doily on the left side. I liked the doily but the Battenburg lace was too bold and a little stiff for the backing.

This (above) was a piece from a vintage peasant top which was made of patchwork vintage laces and handkerchiefs. It was beautiful but way too delicate, for wearing. 

This was a corner of a vintage table runner, it was strong enough and fit perfectly. The floral lace trim along the top was leftovers from a wedding dress I made a few years ago. All of the elements were sewn on by hand, beads were added and VOILA!


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed the story. I use to sell at a farmer's market and I miss telling the stories and the interaction with the new owners of my pieces.


Feel free to visit my etsy shop to see more altered couture designs, vintage jewelry, reconstructed jewelry, handmade flowers and accessories, and much more...  

ResurrectionRagsShop on Etsy       

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Green Plums For Umeboshi Nontraditional

Some time last year, probably during the winter, a storm broke the limbs on the plum tree in the school yard. This spring I noticed that the fallen limbs were loaded with green plums.

The plums had actually made the break worse with their weight.

 I couldn't imagine they would ever ripen so I filled a few bags and hit the internet in search of what to do with green plums.

  I love umeboshi plums and vinegar. I knew that umeboshi plums were unripe plums but I also found out that they are actually a type of apricot. Some makers of umeboshi plum and vinegar do adapt the recipes using green plums. I wanted a ume type vinegar for cooking and I love the paste when I get sick, I use it like medicine, and I imagine the health benefits of the plums are close to the same no matter how they are processed as long as they're not processed to death. The traditional methods for making umeboshi the are pretty extensive, and involve a lot of waiting,  I'm not quite that patient. So  I also found some really old recipes for "fake olives" made from green plums using salt brine for pickling, some middle eastern recipes called for a vinegar, water and salt brine and traditional umeboshi plums are salted and pressed under weights until they are pickled in their own juice.
So I tried them all, I had enough plums enough jars and enough salt .

All the recipes called for soaking over night in cold water after a good wash

 After the soaking, I salted some of them and let them make their own juice, the traditional way. This accumulation of juice takes a lot of salt. You want it on all of the plums, sprinkle it generously between layers as you put them in the jar.

this is "lightly salted" compared to some traditional ones I saw

24 hours in the salt

48 hours in salt with weight 

72 hours in salt with weight 

 72 hours...

It also takes a long time and a lot of weight to press the juice out. I used smaller glass jars filled with water as weights and pressed them down a few times a day with all of my weight.

A small glass jar full of water which will fit inside the jar of plums can be used for weight. Cover with a cloth

 That was the traditional way, the next step called for draining the "liquor" and dehydrating the plums...traditionally this is done in a bamboo basket in the sun. I didn't do this. I'm sorry to say I lost this batch to mold eventually because I left it in the liquid too long. Please don't ask, I've moved on, and I've learned from my mistakes.If you want a good tutorial for traditional umeboshi plums it's here

My second experiment was with a vinegar salt brine, like my favorite pickles

and a salt water brine  

I started these two batches following the recipes for pickled plums but without any added spices or flavorings, I really wanted traditional ume vinegar flavor. Both recipes called for reheating the liquid and pouring over the plums while still scalding hot, for 3 days in a row. By the third day I wanted to add spices so I added red pepper flakes, garlic slices,mustard seed, celery seeds and black pepper. After a few weeks of fermenting in cool room temperatures, the recipes called for pouring off the liquid and putting the pickles into cold storage (the fridge). I put them in the fridge and forgot them for a few months and just recently dragged them out, and combined both jars...During the entire process from start to finish there has been no mold or yeast growth (too salty)'s what I have now.

The plums are dehydrated and giving off their "liquor"  which smells and tastes exactly like umeboshi vinegar (plus the spices I added)

 This is almost a half gallon.

Lots of spices added Yummmm!

 The plums are not at all soft like umeboshi plums, and they're not like olives, they are crispy like a good cucumber or green tomato pickle. And they're delicious!

Next year when the plums are green I'll just press the juice the traditional way and drain it and refrigerate for a few months. No spices for a more traditional vinegar, and maybe make a small batch of the spicy ones.